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Has passed ISO9002 quality system authentication in 1999!
F4 accessories for compressers,oxygen makers,and other machineries



1、FeatureThese accessories are made with different raw materials through corresponding craftsmanship according to parameters designed for different machines.Such materals as Sn-Cu powder,enhanced glassfibre,oxidized silicon,sulphride molybde-num,graphite,polybenze,carbon, fibre,tismo,ppl are compounded with F4 resin to enbance lubricating,heat -transmitting and grinding -ressitant performances. Our company research has been preparing and developing nano filling products.

2、SpecificationThe products have been sold to compressor plants and oxyen maker plants in wuxi compressor Co., ltd. JiangXi gas compressor company Co., ltd. Shandong weifnag group, kaiFen air separation group Co., ltd. Shanghai Dalong comressor Co., ltd. Shenyang gas compressor Co., ltd. Nanjing compressor Co., ltd. Hangzhou hangyang compossor Co., ltd. Harbin and so on.

3、Main propertis:

Propertis unit Result
Apparent density g/cm3 2.2-2.6
Tensile strength(min) MPa >13
Clack elongation(min) % >170
Width fo grinding mm <6
Hardness of surface n0 −90

4、Applications:Used as sealing materials for compressors,oxygen makers,and other machines.

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