Prodcution:PTFE, rods, tubes, plates, film, PTFE, seals, rubber products, Piston Ring, ring support, the Pan-gen fluoride plastics, engineering plastics.
Has passed ISO9002 quality system authentication in 1999!
Polytetrafluoroethylene(PTFE) skived sheet tape & film


1¡¢Feature£ºPTFE resin is first moulded into worj-blank and then skived.The PTFE resin skived sheet &tape are highly dielectric.chemical resistant and not aging.They have a wide range of operation temperature.

2¡¢Usage £ºLining,seaing and oilless lubricating material and dielectric at any frequencies.Capacitor dielectric, wire isolation,electrical instrument isolation.

Ò»¡¢PTFE plates & belts properties

Propertis unit Result
Chinese material import material
Apparent density g/cm3 2.10~2.30 2.10~2.30
Tensile strength¡Ý MPa 20 28
Crack elongation¡Ý % 250 300
Dielectric strength ¡Ý kv/mm 10 12


property ¡¡specification
skived sheet ¡¡thickness(mm)
¡¡width (mm)
length(mm)  ¡Ý500
skived tape ¡¡thickness(mm)
¡¡length(mm)  ¡Ý1000

¶þ¡¢PTFE film properties
property unit high-desity semi-desity common
Tensile strength¡Ý0.01 Mpa ¡Ý30 ¡Ý20 ¡Ý10
elongation at rupture % ¡Ý30 ¡Ý60 ¡Ý100
1 MHZ dielectric loss tengent ¡Ý0.01   2.5x104 - -
1 MHZ dielectric constant   1.8-2.2 - -
Dc breakdown voltage (normal temperature) kv/mm Average 200
Minimum value 40
Average 60
Minimum value 6
Average 30

item thickness thickness allowance width width allowance length(m)
high-density 0.030-0.100 ¡À10% 30-90 ¡À0.3 ¡Ý10
semi- density 0.050-0.100 ¡À10% 60-90 ¡À0.3 ¡Ý5
common 0.050-0.500 ¡À10% 60-90 ¡À2.0 ¡Ý5


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