Prodcution:PTFE, rods, tubes, plates, film, PTFE, seals, rubber products, Piston Ring, ring support, the Pan-gen fluoride plastics, engineering plastics.
Has passed ISO9002 quality system authentication in 1999!
Polytetrafluoroethylene gasket



1¡¢Feature£ºPTFE gasket is manufactured by molding method with suspended PTFE resin.PTFE compared with other plastics,has a superior properties against chemicals and temperature.Because of such excellent properties,PTFE has a wide application as a sealing material.


outside diameter/inside diameter¡Áheight outside diameter/inside diameter¡Áheight outside diameter/inside diameter¡Áheight outside diameter/inside diameter¡Áheight
12.5/8.5¡Á2 28/24¡Á2 43/27¡Á2 71/59¡Á2
14/4.3¡Á3 28/24¡Á3.2 44/32¡Á3 74/68¡Á2.5
14/8¡Á3 30/20¡Á5 46/37.5¡Á2 75/48¡Á3
16/5.2¡Á3 30/24¡Á2 47.5/36.5¡Á2.5 82/72¡Á3
19.5/11¡Á2 30/20¡Á3 48/32¡Á3 85/62¡Á2
20/6.5¡Á3 33/27¡Á2 48/43¡Á2 85/75¡Á2
20/12¡Á2 33.5/29.5¡Á2 50/10¡Á4 90/76¡Á2
20/14¡Á3 34/28¡Á1.5 52/41.5¡Á2 90/80¡Á2
21/16¡Á2.4 37/21¡Á2 52/42/12¡Á2 95/72¡Á2
24/17¡Á3 40.5/36.5¡Á2 58/38¡Á3 115/95¡Á2
24/18¡Á2 41/32¡Á2 63/53¡Á2 120/110¡Á3
24.2/18¡Á2.5 41/34/12¡Á2 65/52¡Á3 135/110¡Á3
26/6.5¡Á3 42/34¡Á2 70/60¡Á2.5 150/140¡Á2.5
155/135¡Á2 164/137¡Á5 219/191¡Á3 250/220¡Á2
310/286¡Á2 - - -
¡¡Remarks: To order products with special specifications,please let us know.

3¡¢Main propertis:

Propertis unit Result
Apparent density g/cm3 2.10~2.30
Tensile strength(min)¡Ý MPa 15.0
Crack elongation(min)¡Ý % 150

4¡¢Applications:Sealing material.

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