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Polytetrafluoroethylene(PTFE) tubing Extruded tubes

1、FeatureThere are three types of PTFE pipes:For a pipe with outside diameter 1-25mm and thickness of wall 0.1-2.5mm,we choose imported polymized PTFE resin and process it by pressing; For a pipe with outside diameter 25-200mm and thickness of wall 1.5-8mm, we choose suspended PTEE resin and process it by extruding: For a pipe with outside diameter 25-120mm and thickness of wall 5-500mm, we process it by die pressing.

Extruded teflon tubes are made of suspended PTEE resin and after plunger extrusion the tubing whose outside diameter is 25mm-200mm and wall thickness is 1.5mm-8mm is produced.
1).Applications of extruded teflon tubes:
◆.Insulated jackets for electric wire;
□.Pipes usded in corrosive fluid medium;
■.Dielectric parts in all kinds of high frequencies.
2).Specifications of extruded teflon tubes:
Outside diameter 25~200mm * inside diameter 1.5~8mm * length 1000+mm.


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