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Polytetrafluoroethylene(PTFE) tubing Pressed hoses


1、FeatureThere are three types of PTFE pipes:For a pipe with outside diameter 1-25mm and thickness of wall 0.1-2.5mm,we choose imported polymized PTFE resin and process it by pressing; For a pipe with outside diameter 25-200mm and thickness of wall 1.5-8mm, we choose suspended PTEE resin and process it by extruding: For a pipe with outside diameter 25-120mm and thickness of wall 5-500mm, we process it by die pressing.

TYPES Specification(mm)
outside diameter wall thickness Length
Pressed hoses 1-25 0.1-2.5 produced under
Extruded tubes 25-200 1.5-8 produced under
Molded tubes 25-1800 5-500 100-300

3、Main properties

properties unit Result
Apparent density g/cm3 2.10-2.30
Tensile strength(min) Mpa 18
Crack elongation(min) % 230

4、ApplicationsInsulated pipe casing for wire, pipe for corrossive fluids, electric Insulated parts used in high frequent conditions.


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