Prodcution:PTFE, rods, tubes, plates, film, PTFE, seals, rubber products, Piston Ring, ring support, the Pan-gen fluoride plastics, engineering plastics.
Has passed ISO9002 quality system authentication in 1999!
Rubber sealants


1¡¢Feature£ºOur company arranges all processing procedures from measuring of samples, analysing rubber components,die making,to producing of finished products.We can produce rubber sealants accroding to your requests.

2¡¢Specification£ºRubber sealants of different types as O,A,J,L,and Y.Structures:skeleton type,and nonskeleton J and U types for hole and axil sealing.Rubber types:Cloributane,butane,silicon rubber,buta-dine,ethylpropyl,natural,flurosilicon,and 23,26,246 types of floride rubbers.

physical performance of floride rubber Unit result
hardness(shaoer A type) ¶È 70¡À5
breaking strength MPa >10
ratio of breaking at elongation % >150
reshaped by compressing(hot gas 200¡æ¡Á22h)
ratio of compressing 20%
% ¡Ü50
hot gas aging(200¡æ¡Á24h)
changes of hardness
changes of breaking strenght
changes of ratio of breaking at elongation
fluid ressistant(150¡æ¡Á24h)
changes of size for standard 1
changes of size for standard 3
fragility ¡æ ¡Ü-25

3¡¢Main propertis:

grade type
natural,dissimil diproplene,butabenze,butane
propylester rubber
floride rubber,silicon rubber

4¡¢Applications:Used as sealing materials at various conditions of temperature,pressure and media for various equipments.


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