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Has passed ISO9002 quality system authentication in 1999!

1、FeaturePTFE gasket tape is a kind of dynamic seal.It is produced by braiding together continuous tape of expanded PTFE.It has following qualities:Extremely low coefficient of friction Non abrasion,Excellent sealability,Outstanding chemical resistance,Does not hydrolyze,Does not harden Temperature-180≧~ +280≧.You can choose the PTFE powder of Dupont,Daikin and Chinese local.

2、Types and Specification3mm〜0.5m~2mm,6mm〜0.5mm~4mm ,10~60mm〜3~7mm 

3、Main propertis:

Properties unit Result
Tensile strength min MPa 7
Crack elongation min % 120

4、Applications:PTFE gasket tape can be used in all types of sealing applications throughout industry.


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